Dissolving of the Amt für Wiedergutmachung in Saarburg

Effective from November 1st 2014 the Amt für Wiedergutmachung in Saarburg has been dissolved and integrated into the new Landesamt für Finanzen.

The Amt für Wiedergutmachung as a branch office of the new Landesamt keeps its domicile in Saarburg and is furthermore responsible for the restitution benefits paid out by Rhineland Palatinate based on the Bundesentschädigungsgesetz. Also the persons in charge do not change by these organizational changes. The staff of the Amt für Wiedergutmachung is furthermore at your service.

But please note the change of our contact data; up to now you can reach us as follows: 


Postal Address:Landesamt für Finanzen
Amt für Wiedergutmachung
Heckingstr. 31
D-54439 Saarburg
Phone:0049 6581 / 921-0
Fax:0049 6581 / 921-150



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